Mission, Vision, & Values


To inspire LGBTQ+ people across identities for collective liberation.


To foster inclusive communities and holistic well-being for LGBTQ+ people

through social, educational, and cultural engagement.

Values in Action

We recognize how interconnected our work in the LGBTQ+ movement must be with other social justice movements, and we unapologetically stand for and with movements seeking justice and inclusion for people of color, documented and undocumented immigrants, refugees, people of all faiths or no faith, women, people living with disabilities, older adults, youth, and people who are low-income. We know that each of these struggles, although unique, are interconnected - and we support justice for all people who are oppressed and marginalized.

Safety: We seek to prioritize the physical, mental, and emotional safety of LGBTQ+ people.

We believe survivors of violence and seek to support their safety and agency.

Respect & Dignity: We value the humanity in each person, and seek to ground our interactions in respect and dignity for people of all identities and experiences.

Intersectionality & Inclusion: We recognize the complex ways that our multiple identities intersect, and the layers of societal privilege and oppression that we experience on an individual, communal, organizational, and systemic level as a result. We seek to understand and challenge our privileges and actively work towards solidarity. We strive to center the voices of and prioritize programs and services for LGBTQ+ people who are most marginalized, committing to be representative of and accountable to those communities.

Collaboration: We seek to work, internally and externally, in a collaborative manner that values feedback, builds partnerships, and operates from a framework of mutuality rather than competition.

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